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Computer Aided Facilities Management

Visual Dolphin CAFM streamlines facilities management & maintenance. it gives a clear visibility to all the components you need to work with in your environment.. a user-friendly interface which equips you to plan, monitor and execute all your premises management tasks. it allows a complete coordination between the physical facilities & the human resources to optimize the functioning of your organization. With its integrated business intelligence tools & powerful mobile app , Visual dolphin CAFM assists managers to improve every element of their business

It applies to the servicing of all types of properties & their assets (Villas, Residential Buildings, Malls, Manufacturing plants, machineries, pools, …). It integrates with Dolphin Equipment Management system & Preventive Maintenance Planning, Task Work Order (for Task assignment of technicians & time scheduling), JobDor mobile App for tracing the tasks, checking IN & OUT, Material consumption and clients billing.
Built-In CRM features for customer Contacts & Information, history of repairs by property or by asset, and, Direct Mail Sender to concerned persons. It includes advanced reporting on cost analysis, sales statistics and detailed analysis on client/ticket profitability.

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Quotation: preparation of quotations may be done following the inspection of the asset or part of the property that needs to be repaired. It covers the cost of labor, cost of material (parts & consumables) and outsourcing costs.

Billing: customer billing may be generated based on an approved quotation, or, after the work is done, based on the ticket’s cost incurred (spending of material, time sheet of employees & labor, and, the direct expenses such as external purchases, outsourcing, subcontracting).

Invoices may be submitted to the tenant, the owner or association committee of a property.


Dolphin Checklist intends to help In the frame of regularly scheduled inspections, tests, servicing, replacements, and repairs reducing the impact and frequency of assets failures.

The maintenance checklist forms represent a set of documents, each valid for a case, for an asset, or for an equipment, containing activities to be acted upon, checked or reviewed for maintenance. It also points out the things which have been reviewed (usually marked) with corrective actions when needed. The checklist may be viewed & filled using a web browser or Jobdor mobile app

Dolphin Checklist operates within Dolphin Task Work Order module & Jobdor Mobile app.

Time Sheet

Multiple ways for entering & defining Time sheets: Based on tickets/job quick entries, or based on a checking in/out to a task, or based on 31 days entry grid.

Time sheet entries apply to all types of the servicing industries where the human resources represent an important component of the projects cost; This module contributes to optimize the team members productivity & measures the time spent against the time estimate.

Time sheets have several levels of approvals (crossed between project supervisors and activity types); these account to the cost of jobs based on the employees hourly rates. Time sheets entries may also be generated from Jobdor mobile App following the same rules either directly to a ticket or based on a task check in/out.


Contract dealing with tenants / property owners details : usually, based on an annual retainer, it includes the agreement terms related to the various services to offer to the properties owners or developers: maintenance services in various area (civil, MEP, plumbing, landscaping, cleaning…), repairs, preventive maintenance and Security.

Cost estimation: It budgets for the various expected costs involved in order to fulfill the contract commitments, with respect to labor, material consumption and subcontracting.

Client billing: Based on multiple criteria including annual or monthly billing, “Cost Plus” on material spent, billing based on accomplished phases (for projects), Cost sharing across many residents or co-owners…

Built-In CRM: covering contact management & information, client’s history, direct mail sending to clients, statement of accounts & balances, visit reports, client brief per job including the requirements & scope of work, management of leads & opportunities.

Mobile Interface JobDor : The system have extension to an Android/iOS based mobile App, where the user will have the necessary functions to handle his assignments.


Tickets are used to effectively manage all maintenance works or incidents to be attended at a location involving the property or an asset within the facility.

Tickets are generated through a call center/ helpdesk recording complains on technical defects or based on certain conditions related to the periodical maintenance agreement such as imposed number of regular visits or related to preventive maintenance rules.

Ticket specifications: attachment of documents & pictures, workflow circulating the tickets based on the company’s processes (problem inspection, cost estimation, supply of material, supervisor assignment to a technician…), generation of quotations and client billing, cost calculation of a ticket based on the material consumption, time spent, and external purchases done, Alerts when tickets exceed time beyond the SLA.

Task Work Order (TWO)

The Task Work Order contributes to monitoring the assignment of Actions (TASKS) to be taken by the various resources, and scheduling in time depending on the scopes of specialization. The generation of Task Work Orders is based on a ticket related to a repair case or on a preventive maintenance scheduled and already due.

Tasks may be linked to a client, to a Ticket or, may be stand alone. Accessible from any web browser (Mac or PC) or from a JobDor mobile APP, a listing monitors the daily activities (TWO) assigned to specific Technicians or related to a client or to a problem type. Tasks are displayed in a calendar giving a better view on the work distribution between resources. When many technicians are involved, a friendly way to drag and drop tasks moving them between team members , or rescheduling them to another date or time.

The system issues alerts when tasks are outstanding for a certain period of time, or when the total time spent has exceeded the time estimate. Tasks may be put on hold (waiting for spare parts), cancelled or closed upon completion; these may be reassigned to other employees or rescheduled at another date or time. KPIs are for measuring the duration between the time of receiving a call, the time it is assigned to an employee and the time when completed.

TWO integrates with Dolphin Time Sheet module & JobDor Mobile App.

Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Dolphin PPM Keeps on top of what needs to be done with pre-planned preventive and repair maintenance alerts. It allows facilities to schedule and track regular maintenance and inspections on properties, equipment, utilities and assets. It helps preventing unexpected asset failure/breakdown and extend the life expectancy of the property or the equipment.

Dolphin PPM manages the regular maintenance to be conducted on each asset or property, based on specific frequencies (once every quarter, or 2 times a year…).
Accordingly, a planner will generate an annual calendar by creating the tickets & tasks needed when a preventive inspection needs to be performed. The ticket will include a list of properties to be tackled during the visit .
Dolphin PPM integrates with the checklist module, and with the Material Pick List/Material Consumption when spare parts or consumables are needed during the preventive inspection.

Automated maintenance alerts are provided on-screen or via e-mail to keep up on top of the prevention!

Property & Assets

CAFM Facilities (Properties & Locations): The system defines the properties & sub properties by location and property type. These are defined by hierarchy at various levels of units, and, may be classified by compound and clusters, or, by building, area and sections. A detailed description is provided by property including the owners, the tenants information & the contacts details.

CAFM Assets: The module tracks an unlimited number of assets of various types including facilities, marine, aviation, machinery, and more. Extreme flexibility that adapts to any asset requiring preventive maintenance. Inventory of assets is defined by location or by property and includes item serial numbers when needed.

The CAFM assets module integrates with Dolphin Fixed Assets module, in case these belong to the company.

Inventory Control

Inventory Module allows you to itemize the spare parts and other consumables required for the daily usage. You can enter part details such as model numbers, descriptions, unit costs, suppliers, etc. System allows users to receive automated alerts when any items reach minimum stock levels. This module helps you run your store with efficiency having many features such as supplier contact details, lead time on deliveries, min/optimum values and reorder points.

  • Manage all supplier reference details for each inventory item
  • Track all the transactions related to purchases, issuance and return of items in store
  • Alerts on reorder points
  • Replenish stocks based on the minimum/optimum level
  • Purchase order workflow and online approval.
  • Comprehensive inventory reports

With procurement system, all the purchase requisitions will be centralized and monitored efficiently with status of each PR. Users can process the purchase requisitions against work orders or for an expense. Procurement department can issue the RFQ to different suppliers, compare the prices and finally sent to Management for approval electronically.

  • Manage Supplier Contact details
  • Defining Workflow for Procurement
  • Inquiry of list of PR and Monitoring status of each PR/PO
  • Sending RFQ to different suppliers, price comparison Sheet and document attachment.
  • Approving best priced RFQ and canceling other.
  • Sending LPO to supplier by mail
  • Procurement for Job or Financial Mode
Material Pick List (MPL)

The MPL & Material Consumption functions Itemize and track usage of parts, spare parts & consumables while a maintenance is being performed.
The material Pick list is a document formulated by the technical team, containing the list of materials to be issued from the stores on a ticket or on a project. From the site, using the JobDor mobile app or through a web browser, the list of items needed is re-routed to the store keeper for dispatching the goods. Governed by a workflow and approval process, 3 options may be considered: issuing material on ticket for consumption, placing a back to back purchase order (part of the supply chain), or operating a transfer between stores.

The Material Pick List displays the quantities in store online, the quantities under shipment, and the ones reserved in the inventory for other projects.

This module integrates with Dolphin Inventory management system; it provides a full inventory management system for stock tracking, reorder notifications, purchasing, placing supplier orders, transfer between stores and booking items. It offers alternative of part through equivalent item codes or equivalent bar codes when supplied from various sources. Dolphin Inventory module applies in the workshop billing of parts & material, as well as the cost estimation modules.

Client Survey

Upon closing a ticket, the system automatically mails a set of questions to the customer or, to concerned persons, to help measure the level of client satisfaction.
It establishes a score measured against key performance targets aiming to improve the quality of the service in a company. That rating monitors changes over time, while gaining a deep understanding of whether or not the servicing company is meeting its customers expectations.


Clients may access the systems online, record a new repair ticket or check their tickets statuses. The system considers a user registration (validated from the back office prior to filling ticket online). The client have access to selecting a project manager, writing notes & messaging, viewing tickets updates, reviewing history of tickets posted and accomplished, tracking the outstanding tickets and reviewing tickets status.
The clients may check online their financial balances, statement of accounts, invoices and payments.

The Dashboard module helps to build and visualize custom made KPIs to enhance the performance of each service line departments. It comes with various built in standard dashboard such as Statistics on repairs and fixes, aging of tickets, analysis by problem types etc.

  • Automatically updates the dashboard reports.
  • Allows you to create many dashboard templates
  • Creates customized dashboard
  • Security on dashboard.

As soon a task is assigned & scheduled, it may send a notification to the concerned person through Job DOR mobile app. From a mobile, the team member may review his tasks, start a new one, write notes, enter his time sheet, and schedule his client visits accordingly.

  • Notification when assigning a task to the technician
  • View all task assign to the concerned persons
  • Enter timesheet on a specific task
  • Check in /check out
  • Enter consumption on a specific task
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