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Task Work Order (TWO)

Your solution to Zen Multitasking

Time is money!

Boost your business with Dolphin Task Work Order, Organize your teams to-do list, Schedule tasks in a calendar, Assign tasks to the traffic department, Improve your team’s productivity!

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Create Tasks & Link them to Jobs

Friendly and fast way to define tasks, and assign them to team members with scheduling in date and time. Tasks may be linked to a job or simply to a customer.

Enter Time Sheet or Check in /Check out

Pleasant way to clicking the start button on a task, then clicking again when it ends.. No more hassle in entering your timesheet manually, at end of day. The system does it for you!

Time Schedule in a Calendar

Through a calendar, view the individual tasks of any team members over weeks & months, or, view all tasks given simultaneously to a team on a specific day.

By dragging and dropping you may move tasks between teams, reschedule the starting date & time, and stretch a task length to estimate its duration.

Send Mail & Track Tasks Statuses

Monitor and review all tasks in the pipeline, the ones under execution, requested or accomplished. Monitor the queue of tasks for each employee and compare the estimated time against the one spent during execution. Sending mail to concerned account handlers every time a task is created, assigned or accomplished.

Integrates with JobDOR Mobile APP

As soon a task is assigned & scheduled, it may send a notification to the concerned person through Job DOR mobile app. From a mobile, the team member may review his tasks, start a new one, write notes, enter his time sheet, and schedule his client visits accordingly.

Dashboard on Tasks done, KPIs & Team Productivity

Several graphs and analysis reports to measure employees performance and productivity.

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