- Software Release:

Our R&D team continuously improves product functionality and adds new features. We are also regularly incorporating new technologies. The results of these efforts are new releases of our products that we provide to our clients so they can achieve a greater return on their software investment. Our existing client base drives many of these new enhancements.

All new releases undergo extensive testing by our Quality Assurance team. It includes testing each release’s integration with other Software Design products to confirm that they are providing a true enterprise solution. New releases are typically available once a year and are released simultaneously to ensure integration updates remain synchronized.


- Service Packs:

Service Packs include product fixes and are available as needed by the product. Most of these fixes are available through our web site to registered users.


- Agreement:

All Visual Dolphin software solutions are guaranteed against any bug, defect or problem for the life time of the software usage. Until the moment where a version is discontinued, patches, whenever exist, are posted on Software Design web site and can be downloaded from the Member Area. New releases are made available only for clients who subscribed for yearly upgrades.

However, Software Design recommends its customers to join the annual maintenance program. It is a must for any institution concerned about the continuity of its operations.
Joining the program entitles the registered customer to the following benefits:

  1. Access to new software upgrades
  2. Phone and remote support
  3. Assistance and follow-up in the use of the programs
  4. Advice on the customer’s computer platform and coordination with other parties supporting the customer
  5. Restore of customer’s database in case of data loss
  6. Training of new users at Software Design


Two different annual maintenance plans are proposed:

  • Assistance: Regular visits, remote support, installation & training on the new releases, technical assistance, consultancy… the yearly amount to be paid is based on an estimated number of days agreed with the client.
  • Release & Upgrades: New releases and latest upgrades including new features and system enhancements… The yearly maintenance amount represents 18% of the software license cost only.

To know more about the advantages of the program, Contact the Customer Support department at Software Design.

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