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Importance of Training

Studies identified poor training as a primary reason for failure in software implementation. When budget are tight, companies frequently consider it as the first item to be cut. In many cases, saving on training directly impacts your bottom line: productivity decreases, deadlines are missed, business mistakes occur, and employee turnover increases.

Proper investment in training definitely improves employee productivity. Software Design Training services are designed to help your organization effectively use the software, whether you are starting to implement Software Design software solutions or looking to advance your employees skills.

At Software Design, we understand that every employee’s productivity is critical to company success. If your employees don’t know how to use your software, you could be missing out on key operational performance. Through Visual Dolphin User Training, we teach your end-users how to effectively use the software and provide your end-users with a training that will be viable year after year.

Collective Training

We believe that end user training is a vital component to ensure your company has a successful implementation.

At Software Design, training sessions are collective and can even involve users coming from different organizations. Besides the training content we deliver, sharing experience and knowledge with other classmates using our products in various set-ups is also enriching and adds on the understanding of our solutions.

Validate your product knowledge

Validate your product knowledge. Take the Software Design product certification whenever you have successfully accomplished any of our Dolphin or Visual Dolphin courses. If you are ready, contact us to get an access and take the online test!

Once you are certified, you are part of a privileged group of Dolphin or Visual Dolphin users. When any of our customers hire someone holding the “Dolphin/Visual Dolphin Certificate of Accomplishment”, they can be assured that he has completed courses at Software Design, under the supervision of the Dolphin and Visual Dolphin experts, and has therefore acquired a maximum of knowledge in Software Design applications.

Do you qualify for certification

The certification program and training opportunities are open to all Software Design Partners and Customers. All partners must pass through the certification process to maintain their standing as Software Design Partners.

Customers get their certification by attending Software Design training programs and completing all the practice sessions. Certificates that this program is offering for the time being are the following:

Inventory Control Certificate of Accomplishment Dolphin Accounting System Certificate of Accomplishment Dolphin Payroll System Certificate of Accomplishment

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