My Dolphin

Your home page, a friendly space you customize to create a daily pool of your tasks, reminders, daily work, quick links to specific types of transactions, template reports, predefined inquiries and your personal calendar.

In other terms, it is your working space; a valuable tool for your personal daily organization!

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General Features
  • Get tasks notifications in order to speed up the flow process.
  • Organize Most Used Screens into a user defined menu.
  • Print predefined template reports.
  • Receive all kinds of alerts in a notification center tool.
  • Set a schedule and calendar per user and even link it to different screens for each module.
My Favorites

The user can customize his menu by adding his most used screens and reports screens into favorites menu. These are shortcuts to the screens he usually works on.

In this area he can cross between the modules as he can choose screens from different modules like general ledger and others from stock.

Even the user can customize report criteria and add it as template and he will be able to print directly from the templates section.

External links are shortcuts to all useful files or links to the internet directly on the page and their access is simple by clicking on the link.

My Calendar

The user can manage his planned meetings, personal notifications, planned messages through his schedule time.

My Alerts

Depending on predefined set of alerts, the concerned user receives an alert on his page.

There are 2 types of alerts:

  • On Event means that alerts will be triggered whenever we perform a specific action in the screens (for example when saving an invoice, alert will be sent in case client over credit limit).
  • Periodical alerts that are fired periodically and check all the transactions and data. (For example sending list of pending JVs to the accountant…).
My Third Parties

When creating a new third party, either customer or supplier from our modules, he could need a verification step before dealing with them.

This is where third party info is double checked and either confirmed or not.

Even if this information should be checked within a period of time then this section will show these third parties according to the review date.

My Tasks

For any Visual Dolphin transactions having work flow, the user receives timely notifications for the action to perform. He will be selecting it in order to view the transaction and act accordingly.

My Messages

In all Visual Dolphin screens, the user will be able to send message regarding a specific screen value to one or more users in order to be notified for specific action to do. This section will contain all these messages.

My Recent Activities

Kind of a log file showing all recent activities done by the user logged in; creation of customers, transactions,…

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