Flexible Payroll system complying with the taxation & contribution to the National Fund for Social Security.

It manages the income salaries in LBP & USD simultaneously on a monthly & weekly basis.

It manages also the holidays, absences, overtime, loan to employees, high cost of living and the end of service indemnities calculation.

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A Flexible Parametric System
  • To define the basic employee data.
  • To maintain employee-related information: multiple addresses, nationalities, linguistic knowledge, educational background, reference…
  • To input employee contract details: documents, dependents, payment rules, employee leaves..
  • To monitor your employee attendance: entered manually or from a time attendance machine.
  • Setting the date
  • Users
  • Users parameters
  • Departments
  • Regions
  • General Parameters
  • Holidays table
  • Overtime/ Holidays/ Absences
  • Attached documents types
  • Allowances and Taxes Parameters
Staff Files & Reports
  • Staff screening
  • Family Status Modification:
  • Printing staff file 
  • List of loans 
  • List of insurance
  • List of deductions 
  • List of children out of family allowance
  • List of employees out of end of service indemnity

To calculate salaries, remuneration should be done monthly. When remuneration is done, all earnings, specified in staff file, are moved to the remuneration file for the specified month.

Tax and NSSF are calculated and loans amounts are deducted and updated in staff file input.

We can do the remuneration from month 1 till month 12 and for extra months 13, 14… 24.


All reports can be grouped by department with the option of department sub total level. They can be printed only for Declared, Non declared, Contractual, Foreigner or all, daily, monthly or all, Detail or summary by department.

  • Staff remuneration
  • Staff Contribution
  • End of service Calculation
  • Tax declaration report
  • General pay slip (Cash format, Check format)
  • Bank payment letter
  • Salaries Statistics by department
  • Overtime/ Holidays/ Absence Statistics
  • Holidays report
  • Family allowance
  • History of employee
  • List of cash
  • List of checks
  • Bills payment list
  • Cost of employees
  • All reports required by the ministry of finance


Transportation Calculation

With the option add overtime days and subtract absence days and holidays. Transportation calculation depends on official rate / day and the number working days during the months.

Delete one-month entry

When deleting month all earnings in remuneration file are zeroed and loans amounts are updated in staff file input.

Overtime/ Absences/ Holidays movements

Used to enter Overtimes, Sickness, Unpaid leave, Annual Leave, bonus, commission, advance on salary.

Remuneration Overtime/ Holidays/ Abssences

To add the overtime or deduct absences to or from remuneration file and recalculate taxes and NSSF values for all amounts entered in Overtime/ Holidays/ Abssences file.

Tax declaration report

Name, NSSF Number, Family status, Wife secured, Last salary, Starting date, Up to date, Service period, Total basic, Total Extra, Total Remuneration, Representation, Income tax exemptions, Total taxable, Tax.

End of service Calculation

Name, starting date, up to date, Service period, Last salary, Average Monthly Taxable, Average Salary, Previous years Taxable Remuneration, General Remuneration, End of service subscription, End of service indemnity, Rest to pay, Last years’ provision, This year provision.

Staff remuneration

(Monthly-Individual-Revenues, Income, Deduction information) and contains the following information:

Name, Basic Salary, Overtime & Holidays, Absence, Salaries Taxable, Total Taxable, Tax, NSSF, Other deductions, Family Allowance, Other Revenues, Net to pay

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