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Improve your distribution process,
Empower your sales force,
Speed up your ordering flow...
Whilst on the road!

SellDOR is a multiple-purpose Native Mobile APP, designed to solve the challenges that every trading & distribution company faces when dealing with traditional devices.

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Salesman Route Planning

Mainly dedicated to distribution companies, the system guides the sales representatives or the cash van drivers on the daily itineraries (routes) drawn by sequence of scheduled destinations to cover.

Location Tracking/Time Attendance/Check In-Out

At each visit, a Check In and Check Out permit to trace the salesman at his time of arrival and departure from a customer or lead. This function, also, captures his location at the time of checking in, then checkout, and matches it with the clients GPS coordination.

Products Catalog, Promotion, Pricing

Easy and fast ways to search for items with filters by code, barcode, family, brand or description; next to the item a picture makes of the SellDor mobile APP the best catalogue for displaying the goods of the company including online Quantities, discounts, free quantities, clients deal and promotions.


A facility also is added in this screen that allow the salesman to see his customers that he should visit today according to his route definition (Defined from inside the Visual dolphin routing module, fixed and flexible client routes) and the list of customers will appear sorted by the route order.

Sales Order

Friendly and fast maneuvering on the tablet touch screen for entering Sales order while on the field, with checking special price list by client, previous selling prices…The order is instantly saved on the company back office server, leading to fast processing of the order.

Sales Tracking with Sales Order Approval

For a quick decision and based on the user-predefined workflow, sales managers can expedite the approval process, after reviewing the order.

Real Time Cash Van Operation

Friendly and fast maneuvering on the tablet touch screen for entering Sales order while on the field, and having it instantly saved on the company server, leading to fasten the whole order processing in the back office. Invoices, Sales Order, Receipt with various modes of payments, Sales Return or Request of returns may be printed on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth printers; these may be mailed to the client on the spot.

Sample Reports

Salesman Visit Reports

Sales notes, visits reports and time sheet may be entered and are immediately communicated to the concerned managers.

Lead/Client Management

Get full view of your contacts, address, phone numbers, conversation history, statuses (idle, leads and customers) …Save also their GPS coordinates.

Accounts Management

Credit limit, clients balance, statement of account, outstanding Invoices, sales statistics, orders based on preset Workflow …

Contacts Management

Centralize your data by keeping contact persons, their personal info, individual emails professional and personals, mobile numbers… all in one place, accessible in one click.

Dolphin BI & Dashboards

Summarized dashboards related to closing day, global sales reports, statistics by customer, monthly sales reports, KPIs, …

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