Is a complete mobile application to automate the warehouse management processes.

It consists of a set of modules that cover the different processes in warehousing organization.

FillDOR supports the warehousing workflow, which allows warehouse employees to perform their tasks on mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete.

The same functions are accessible in offline mode, as well, in case there is no wireless or mobile broadband connection in the warehouse.


Improve your distribution process,
Empower your sales force,
Speed up your ordering flow…
Whilst on the road!

SellDOR is a multiple-purpose Native Mobile APP, designed to solve the challenges that every trading & distribution company faces when dealing with traditional devices.

Visual Dolphin Job Costing

Job Costing Is designed for any business which charges on the basis of time, material, labor and other costs. It is a powerful tool for business analysis, as it enables estimating the costs of jobs & projects, issuing client quotations, controlling the cost spent and generating the invoices.

It monitors at a glance how much was spent on each job such as material used, time logged by personnel and local purchases directl allocated, related suppliers orders (LPOs), history if estunates/ quotations and other critical job information. While that applies to any business in the servicing industry, Visual Dolphin Job Costing is particularly flexible to adapt to some specific business tyoes. Companies that do cost estimations and operations based on time billing services and professionals.

Visual Dolphin Retail

Successful retailer strategy isn’t just about the “cash register”! You need integrated POS software systems that ensure you have the right merchandise in your stores, at the right price and at the right time.

You need the ability to fully understand the buying patterns of your clients -who they are and what they want. Most of all, you need integration of an effective POS software with your financial system and the ability to monitor your sales at each till, stores replenishment, inventory status, suppliers orders planning, pricing, promotions, customer loyalty, financial position and tax/vat collection.

Visual Dolphin Media Booking

In today’s evolving world of media and communication, markets are developing into specialized MBUs, Media Houses & Creative Agencies.

Margins on media bookings are leaner and only volume talks. Media Managers, Planners and Buyers are increasingly eager for cutting edge solutions to gain better control over their business, keeping them one step ahead of the competition.

Visual Dolphin Media is the answer to these market changes. Tailor made specially for agencies, MBUs and media houses. it is designed by media professionls and is the result of a 30 years partnership with the world of media and communication. It is the ultimate media tool, designed by media experts for the media industry, letting you spend less time gathering information and more time using it.  

Visual Dolphin Distribution

Specifically used by all types of written media (daily, weekly or monthly publications), Visual Dolphin Distribution Module helps the organization manage its operations with speed, smoothness and security.

The module assigns the number of printed copies (for each issue) to the related distribution company with a detailed statement by zone, client addresses (targets) and number of copies.

It permits issuing invoices to the target customers, manage the returns and consequently generate credit notes. The distribution module provides a large variety of reports and analysis on the distribution operation.

Visual Dolphin Digital Planning

With the Region’s media sector shifting into digital media, a new module is designed to ease the digital schedules and follow up.

Digital Planning made easy, with access to the list of platforms, formats, classifications , different matric measures, last evaluation of the portal

( #unique users, #time seen…)

Dolphin digital planning provides every planners with all the information he needs to generate the perfect plan.

My Dolphin

Your home page, a friendly space you customize to create a daily pool of your tasks, reminders, daily work, quick links to specific types of transactions, template reports, predefined inquiries and your personal calendar.

In other terms, it is your working space; a valuable tool for your personal daily organization!